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Our 10th Anniversary Sale

         2004 ~ 2014

2004 ~ 2014

It’s our Birthday!

Karen’s Botanicals is celebrating ten years of formulating organic creations for wonderful customers, family, and friends. This is a huge event in the world of small business, as ten years is a milestone. Everyone is familiar with statistics for business failure, with few companies surviving the first eighteen months.

This is Karen’s Botanicals’ 120th month.
That’s a big, “Wow!”

We recognize this accomplishment is a shared one. We want to take this opportunity to thank you, the customers, for helping us succeed. Your support can not be measured. You are the front line of this success.  Our very best ideas come from you and I am always grateful to hear from you concerning our product line.  I might sit quietly on your ideas for months, but they are recorded and every effort is given to implement your suggestions. We are so very grateful to you our customers.

Thank you for your supportive attitudes and the graciousness you show to our company. Ultimately you are the reason we can celebrate our anniversary.

Secondly, We share this accomplishment with Karen Palcho, and she has given us plenty of reasons to celebrate. Her artistic vision, knowledge and expertise made this company possible. Karen moved her products beyond the hip, “natural-label,” to a very organic and pure label. Everything Karen brought to this business was authentic, because she was true to herself and her ideals. She was ahead of her time in 2004 when most people were still using the terms, “Natural, and Organic,” as interchangeable descriptions. She could have settled, but she did not.

Thank you Karen. If not for your willingness to take this risk we’d be missing the greatest fun of our lives.

We want to mention the suppliers and the import role they play in our development. This might seem an odd group to thank, because I pay them; however, without our wildcrafters, organic farmers, and corporate suppliers we could not work with the quality of ingredients necessary for truly pure and wholesome products.

We have a wildcrafter in Northern Alaska. He works for us in the very worst of winter, as that is the only time the buds can be harvested correctly. His land is the most remote location you can imagine. There he selects only the finest buds, and these produce our wonderful oils with that delicious aroma. He does all of this with the greatest care not to injure the buds, and he works land that has never been commercially cultivated. The land is free from pesticides, herbicides, and all harvested in the most ethical possible manner.

How can we not love this guy.
He is fantastic.

Personally, I want to thank my family. I have such wonderful sons and the most terrific step-son, and these guys have been so supportive of my efforts. Our son, Stephan, has served as the greatest technical adviser I could ever have. He has assisted on projects to numerous to list, and is Vice President of our company.

Thank you, Boys.
Your emotional support has sustained me.

Finally, to my husband,
Truly, the only animal we use to test our products, and who suffers much, but says little.
I love you.


Turning  A Swan into a Duck

Turning A Swan into a Duck

The new pump for our Boston Round 8 ounce Bottle has arrived. It isn’t causing random outburst of celebration in the aisles of Congress, but around here it is a pretty big deal.

Just drop your eight ounce bottle of, “Refreshing Lemon Mint Cleanser,” on a tile floor, and see if this improvement doesn’t make for great rejoicing.

The old 8 ounce pump had a swan-like neck, which unfortunately was given to snapping when dropped. This new design fits snug into the bottle until released. Less of a swan and more of a duck, but we’re excited.

Directions for Opening:
Push down on pump and turn counter-clockwise until released.

New Bottle Pump

New Bottle Pump

These bottles still contain 8 ounces of product and or more. We have always over-filled our bottles, as we want you to get as much product, as possible from each product. The inner “workings,” of the pump are not as elongated as our last style. This puffy square style seems to consume more space at the very top of the bottle, the bottles may not look as full, but rest assured that there is still eight ounces of product, or more in each and every bottle.