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Read & Repeat

Message Worth  Repeating

Message Worth Repeating

This message comes from one of our herbal suppliers. At first sight it was hard to read. Slowly, I began to see the value in repeating this message, even if fear of rejection was seeping into my mind. We are barraged with news, which is less than uplifting, so once in a while we need to know that people are thinking about how to improve the world and making small efforts at bringing a smile to others.

Spring 2014

It Has Melted!

It was a long dark winter. Most of the country has experienced the season as the bitterest of cold, and it never seemed to end. I know we are exhausted from winter; therefore, sighting a first sprig of green, or the annual appearance of a robin is cause for momentary celebration. It feels so good to open a window for fresh air and not hear the, “you’re letting the cold in!”