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Happy 238th Birthday

US Constitution - We The People   with USA  Flag.

Our national birthday is July forth. A celebration of the signing of our Declaration of Independence.

There will be great picnics, and amazing fireworks, which I always think of as the official start to summer-fun. July the Forth is also the day each year when I don’t apologize for telling everyone we are an American-Made company, and we buy from other American-Made businesses at every opportunity.

Every time I purchase organic flowers from an American farmer, I am producing a job, which will support organic industries in America. We actively look for American farmers to support. Additionally, we purchase our printing, bottles, jars, and equipment from American-Made companies. We do this, because we want to support our economy. We want to provide jobs. How can Americans bless and support other poorer nations, when we can not provide enough jobs for our own needs? Think of the airline steward’s instruction, “first apply the air-mask to your own face, before reaching out to help others.” This is not selfishness, but practical. When Americans are strong we are the most generous people on earth. No country on earth gives anything comparable to what just the average American family gives each year, in charitable contributions. Once, we were able to extend our hand in millions of aid dollars. We were proud to send food, clothing, medical supplies and dollars where needed. American Aid allowed the poorest of the poor to thrive and move toward greater economic independence. I create jobs here for you and your neighbors, and that is the very best thing I can do for my country’s women.

We also buy American, because I know, it is the best I can do for the environment. I can depend on the American Organic Farmer, and the quality of herbs, spices, plants, and flowers, which we purchase when creating our unique brand of organic skin care products. When comparing apples to roses, there is little real control overseas concerning the use of pesticides, herbicides, and GMO seed. Additionally, everything brought across the seas creates a monster carbon footprint. The less we ship by massive ocean tanker, the better we serve our environment. I might pay a bit more for American-Made, but it is worth the peace of mind I have when certifying a bundle of calendula blossoms as pesticide free. This is the best I can give you.

Most importantly, we support the ethical treatment of employees, everywhere. I know the American farm where my flowers were grown treated her farm workers in an ethical manner. We do not fully know of the economic and physical abuse endured by those who labor in foreign fields. I have no desire to aid the suffering of others by supporting large industrial farms, which create little better than slave conditions for their workers. There are places in this world where children are forced into labor, which is little more than a slave camp. These are places where children are routinely forced into employment at the sacrifice of their education and families. We support the ethical treatment of all persons and one day, hopefully very soon, all persons will be valued and cherished. While American Farms are not yet perfect, few things in life are perfect, but the organic American farm is the best I can give you.

Now, back to the picnic planning. Have a safe and Happy Forth of July.