Four Points: Karen’s Botanicals Blog

 Dear Reader,

I thought, I’d give you a little FYI on our plans for Karen’s Botanicals blog.

1-We’ll keep to a schedule.

You can expect a regular posting to keep friends, family, and loyal customers informed. We plan on keeping to the schedule of a Monday and Thursday evenings for new postings. We will add additional postings when pressing issues arise, which concern those of us very interested in skin care and its related topics.

2-We’ll go deeper than skin.

While keeping you in touch with great beauty tips is important, there is more to beauty than creams, (see philosophy blog.) So, we will not only write about our very on line of Karen’s Botanicals Skin Care Products, but we’ll include a wider range of natural skin care themes. We’ll relate current discussions on living a healthier life, which always brings the benefit of more beautiful skin.

3-I’ve never played a doctor on television, but…

Medical items relating to skin care will be posted regularly, and include the site sources for you can get additional information. We will add general issues concerning the personal care industry as a business, which might affect you, the consumer.  We don’t want to bore you with the business of skin care, but as relevant industry issues present themselves and if they’re newsworthy we’ll post them.

4-We desire your input. Speak-up!

Feel free to add your voice to this discussion. We welcome and encourage your participation. Tell us what you think, ask us questions, educate, tell us what you want in skin care. All of this communication will only help us improve as a brand. We will listen and dedicate ourselves to the creation of better more wholesome products.

Have a lovely week.

Karen’s Botanicals


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